Fentanyl use is a growing health concern in Colorado, with an increase of five times the number of fentanyl deaths in just five years. To respond to this crisis, the Colorado legislature passed the Fentanyl Accountability and Prevention law with dual goals of deterring dealers of the drug and educating fentanyl users caught up in the legal system.

The Colorado Fentanyl Education course is part of the legislature’s education plan. This site educates offenders and the general public about:

  • The prevalence and hazards of fentanyl,
  • Ways to lower their chances of overdosing and death if they use drugs,
    particularly fentanyl and other opioids,
  • The changes in legal consequences for fentanyl- and similar opioid-related offenses,
  • The new treatment options,
  • Post treatment sober living support.

No, completion of this course is free.

This course is available to anyone.

However, completion of this course is required for people ordered by a Colorado court to get fentanyl education.

It is also a place for people from Colorado Behavioral Health Administration-licensed agencies to learn how to give fentanyl education.

It will take 1 to 2 hours to complete, and you can access the course as many times as needed to complete.